Statins for Diabetes

What is the benefit of giving statins for Diabetes patients?

Although giving cholesterol-lowering statins to people with type 2 diabetes has been around since 2010, the studies conducted in the past have not been extensive.

Now a long-term study with close to 17,000 participants conducted recently, found that people with PAD (peripheral artery disease)—including many people with diabetes—seem to have a 20 to 30% lower chance of leg amputation when taking statins regularly. The statins, many of them routinely supplied to people who have PAD, apparently lower cholesterol levels enough to cut back on the formation of arterial plaque.

For many people with diabetes, the statin dosage has to be high, and if they can tolerate the medication—along with making other lifestyle changes (such as exercising and not smoking)—they can often lower their risk of amputation.

Reference Study: Statin Therapy Reduces Future Risk of Lower-Limb Amputation in Patients With Diabetes and Peripheral Artery Disease, J Clin Endocrinol Metab


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